Real Life

Finally, finally, finally – spring has come to Minnesota!  Hooray!

Matthew has spent the last 4 days mostly outside, like a 6 year old boy should.  It was a long, hard winter… argh.  I won’t go into it here, but it was oh, so very hard.  And long.  Especially long for Matthew.

We have about 4 weeks of school left, although we are mostly done already.  One week of spelling lessons left, then mainly reviews of spelling, reading, handwriting, math, geography, and history.  We’ll continue with religious/Bible lessons and activities, but nothing too intense for now.  I’m not sure we have 4 weeks of work left, to be honest.  And time outside is just so much more needed at this point, so we are doing any schoolwork we do have out in the yard.  I love that!

Yesterday for Matthew looked like this:

Breakfast, prayers and Bible story, chores, read a naptime story to Joseph, then straight outside to ride his bike, play in the dirt, get peanuts for his “little chipmunk friend”, build a ship with “provisions” in his playground fort, spelling lesson on the front stoop, shoot his bow and arrow, snack with brother and Mama on a blanket while we read a biography of Ben Franklin’s childhood, back to playing (not sure what he did since I was inside Getting Stuff Done), lunch, more spelling for about 5 minutes, back outside to saw wood and get a fire built for later, swing with brother and Mama, learn a poem about swinging (The Swing by Robert Louis Stevenson), play until Daddy came home, then play catch, eat dinner, light the fire and sit outside with the whole family (he is an expert fire builder, by the way!), walk on the trails with Daddy, read Treasure Island (by Robert Louis Stevenson, again) with Daddy in the backyard, snack and more story at the table, then off to bed.


Now, if that is not what “real life” looks like it ought to be!  I am so very thankful that it is what real life childhood looks like for my sweet boy.

I love homeschooling.




Amazing isn’t it, how much of life as a parent revolves around teeth?  Such a thing never occurred to me before I had children.

Of course, this was the only thing that never occurred to me, because I already knew everything else.  Right?  Remember the pre-parent you?  The one who knew everything about parenting?  Funny how we forget all the answers once we actually have those little bundles of joy, isn’t it? 😉

So, baby Joseph has his first two teeth.  You will find it difficult to see or feel them as he seems to think it is his big secret and anything slightly resembling a finger, pointing in the general direction of his mouth is met with pursed lips and raspberry faces.

And so of course, just to see that sweet and funny expression, we try to stick our fingers in his mouth all the time.

This is where I SHOULD put a picture of those sweet little teeth, but since they are such a secret, I will just put a cute picture of Joseph playing “dentist” with brother:

I miss the gummy smile (even though it is still pretty gummy).  I may have cried when that first tooth came through.  I have a feeling last babies make mamas cry a lot.

Matthew has lost four teeth so far.  The fourth one was lost on the same day that Joseph’s first one was cut.  The same day that Joseph decided to take a “nap” at bedtime and then get up and cry until 10:30pm.  3 hours of crying.  He had just had shots the day before, had a big evening (Grandpa’s birthday!), and then the tooth on top of it all.  Who wouldn’t cry?!  Anyway, Tooth Fairy #1 forgot all about Matthew’s tooth that night.  Tooth Fairy #1 was contemplating flying far far away on her little fairy wings (to somewhere quiet).  Thank goodness for Tooth Fairy #2!  Tooth Fairy #2 tends to talk a lot of thriftiness, but hands out dollar bills for teeth when it comes right down to it.

Matthew has been working on his /th/ and /TH/ sounds, instead of /f/ and /v/.  Missing his two upper front teeth is making this a challenge, but there is nothing more “kid-ish” than a little boy with two front teeth missing.  I smile every time I see him. 🙂


Love these boys of mine!




What the World Needs…

is Another Blog.

Don’t you think?

Welcome!  Our baby will be 8 months old soon, and for the past 7 months we’ve been saying how we NEED to document these days, and we MUST write things down, blah blah blah.  And it just has not happened, but this is my attempt to finally do it.

I am 40, my wonderful husband is 45, our oldest boy is 6 and our baby is (you’ve probably heard) almost 8 months.  Some people think we are too old for babies (and I may have had my own moments of wondering, especially after very long, very sleepless nights), but apparently God does not.  We are so thankful for the blessings He has given us!

It is hard to get everything done when you are old and your baby is brand new, like babies tend to be, and needy, like my babies tend to be.  We like feeling overwhelmed and as if we are always running behind so we tacked homeschooling our 6 year old onto the to-do list.

New baby-ness and six-year-old-ness really do need to be written about because memory is not my strong point and I’m pretty sure some day I am going to want to re-live these times.  Also, I hear grandmothers like to read about their grandbabies and see pictures.  Blogging will also serve as a handy homeschool record.  Look, I’m multi-tasking by blogging!  Wonderful.  This is so going to be awesome.

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