Real Life

Finally, finally, finally – spring has come to Minnesota!  Hooray!

Matthew has spent the last 4 days mostly outside, like a 6 year old boy should.  It was a long, hard winter… argh.  I won’t go into it here, but it was oh, so very hard.  And long.  Especially long for Matthew.

We have about 4 weeks of school left, although we are mostly done already.  One week of spelling lessons left, then mainly reviews of spelling, reading, handwriting, math, geography, and history.  We’ll continue with religious/Bible lessons and activities, but nothing too intense for now.  I’m not sure we have 4 weeks of work left, to be honest.  And time outside is just so much more needed at this point, so we are doing any schoolwork we do have out in the yard.  I love that!

Yesterday for Matthew looked like this:

Breakfast, prayers and Bible story, chores, read a naptime story to Joseph, then straight outside to ride his bike, play in the dirt, get peanuts for his “little chipmunk friend”, build a ship with “provisions” in his playground fort, spelling lesson on the front stoop, shoot his bow and arrow, snack with brother and Mama on a blanket while we read a biography of Ben Franklin’s childhood, back to playing (not sure what he did since I was inside Getting Stuff Done), lunch, more spelling for about 5 minutes, back outside to saw wood and get a fire built for later, swing with brother and Mama, learn a poem about swinging (The Swing by Robert Louis Stevenson), play until Daddy came home, then play catch, eat dinner, light the fire and sit outside with the whole family (he is an expert fire builder, by the way!), walk on the trails with Daddy, read Treasure Island (by Robert Louis Stevenson, again) with Daddy in the backyard, snack and more story at the table, then off to bed.


Now, if that is not what “real life” looks like it ought to be!  I am so very thankful that it is what real life childhood looks like for my sweet boy.

I love homeschooling.



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