I am Nicole,  wife of almost 14 years to Dan, and mother to 6 year old Matthew and 7 month old baby Joseph.  We are trying to savor the time we have with these little blessings, and we have begun a journey into homeschooling.  This blog is a place for me to record Matthew’s progress with schoolwork, and all the sweet, special and hilarious things that happen around here ( those memories I think I’ll never forget, but already find slipping away), and to share ideas and encouragement with other mamas.  Family and friends who know us and would like to keep up on our news are welcome, as are new friends!  Enter your email into the subscribe box on the right and you will magically get new posts delivered to your inbox (after you reply to a confirmation email of course).

Why the blog title?  Feeding symbolizes nourishing… nourishing and nurturing these little bodies, minds, hearts, and souls; Animals just to be funny*; and Wild means… well, it just means wild.  

Do you have children?  Then you didn’t need to ask about the wild part, did you?

Thank you for visiting!  Leave comments!

*I do not think of my children as animals, usually.  But the name for the blog did come to me when Joseph was up in the middle of the night to nurse and acted, as he normally does, like a little bear cub who has been starved for a week.  He reaches for me in the dark with hands, mouth, feet, anything, all at the same time, making it absolutely impossible to give him what he wants.  I usually end up with a paw in my rib cage and a foot in my stomach (still kicking the entire time, of course).  But I do not mind being the mama bear.


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