Amazing isn’t it, how much of life as a parent revolves around teeth?  Such a thing never occurred to me before I had children.

Of course, this was the only thing that never occurred to me, because I already knew everything else.  Right?  Remember the pre-parent you?  The one who knew everything about parenting?  Funny how we forget all the answers once we actually have those little bundles of joy, isn’t it? 😉

So, baby Joseph has his first two teeth.  You will find it difficult to see or feel them as he seems to think it is his big secret and anything slightly resembling a finger, pointing in the general direction of his mouth is met with pursed lips and raspberry faces.

And so of course, just to see that sweet and funny expression, we try to stick our fingers in his mouth all the time.

This is where I SHOULD put a picture of those sweet little teeth, but since they are such a secret, I will just put a cute picture of Joseph playing “dentist” with brother:

I miss the gummy smile (even though it is still pretty gummy).  I may have cried when that first tooth came through.  I have a feeling last babies make mamas cry a lot.

Matthew has lost four teeth so far.  The fourth one was lost on the same day that Joseph’s first one was cut.  The same day that Joseph decided to take a “nap” at bedtime and then get up and cry until 10:30pm.  3 hours of crying.  He had just had shots the day before, had a big evening (Grandpa’s birthday!), and then the tooth on top of it all.  Who wouldn’t cry?!  Anyway, Tooth Fairy #1 forgot all about Matthew’s tooth that night.  Tooth Fairy #1 was contemplating flying far far away on her little fairy wings (to somewhere quiet).  Thank goodness for Tooth Fairy #2!  Tooth Fairy #2 tends to talk a lot of thriftiness, but hands out dollar bills for teeth when it comes right down to it.

Matthew has been working on his /th/ and /TH/ sounds, instead of /f/ and /v/.  Missing his two upper front teeth is making this a challenge, but there is nothing more “kid-ish” than a little boy with two front teeth missing.  I smile every time I see him. 🙂


Love these boys of mine!